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Technical Writing

I used to not be able to tell a nail from a screw but then I went to work for the world's largest computer maker and now can tell you the difference between a gig and a byte.  But now I can even clear paper from the printer.  Don't let this dissuade you.  I'm a quick study and have learned to write about everything from life science to keeping your computers free of hackers. 

CT Health Channel

IBM Joining Forces with CDC and Others to Reduce Public Health Threats Worldwide

August 16, 2012

I remember when West Nile Virus, carried by mosquitoes, first came to the attention of Connecticut residents several summers ago, and the frantic, furious spraying of our neighborhoods to prevent an outbreak. The conflicting, confusing reports of how many people had it, where it was most prevalent, and all the ways you were supposed to be able to prevent it.

TechZone 360

France, Biggest Identify Theft Victim, To Create Smart Cards To Prevent It

July 22, 2011

France is one of the countries with the biggest incidence of identity theft, with 80,000 cases per year, according to the French Interior Ministry, in a story at

Identity theft and identity fraud are terms used to refer to crimes in which someone fraudulently gets and uses another person's personal data, “typically for economic gain,” according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

So the French National Assembly has decided to issue a smart ID card to citizens to protect them against identity theft, and also offer a new way to deal with administration services, the story reports.


IBM Enters Field of Healthcare 'Big Data' with Jeopardy's Watson's Brain

October 26, 2011

Healthcare reform is driving the collection of more and more data which need to be stored and managed and kept safe and secure. Would you believe about \ 2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day from smart sensors embedded in bridges and tunnels to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook? So who else to take on “Big Data” but IBM?

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