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Be a Good Leader? Be Humble

You'll never guess what makes leaders leaders. It's humility

Those who who foster openness, trust and transparency help employees by motivating them to lead and take charge, according to

"Humble leadership is a workplace leadership behaviour characterized by leaders who view themselves accurately, appreciate the strengths and contributions of others and are open to feedback, even if it’s critical," the web site reports.

Humble leaders practice “bottom-up leadership” that involves behaviours such as listening actively and valuing the input of employees, supporting professional development of others and encouraging initiative within their workers, newswise points out.

Researchers at the University of South Australia explain, however, that not all employees will respond to humble leadership behavior in the same way and that it depends on their personal characteristics.

“Employees who focus on individual development, success and competition respond best to humble leadership behaviors," newswise quotes UniSA’s Dr Xiao Lin. "These are people who feel the need to be at the top, stand out and be excellent employees so they have the chance to influence their leaders and become high-status team members."

So if you really want to make your employees the productive, satisfied workers they can be, show them you can make mistakes, but it's better if you can learn from them.

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