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My son doesn't like it too much but I've won a lot of awards from writing about his life . I feel passionate about what I care about and will bring that passion to your business.

Stamford Advocate

Opinion: Legalizing marijuana in CT a reminder that I need to trust my kid

July 2021

I used to believe marijuana should be legalized. Then I got a son who’s just turned 20.


He’s no stranger to drugs. Kids vaped and smoked dope in high school in the bathrooms and his roommate in his first year of college kept LSD and cocaine in the room.

I’ve always believed in live and let live. But now that I have a dog in the fight, it all seems a little different.

Stamford Advocate

Turning home into college classroom means changes for household

March 5, 2021

It was the goatee. Well, not a goatee exactly but that thin strip of hair between his bottom lip and chin.

I hate it but he likes it. And that’s when I realized the days of my being able to encourage my son to do what I want are over.

Of course, I learned that lesson a long time ago. But having him home his sophomore year in college, taking all his classes online, has been a new lesson about boundaries.

Stamford Advocate

Birth mother vs. bio mother

May 11, 2018

This Mother’s Day, this is to the woman I always felt in my gut was my son’s mother.

Needing to use a donor to get and stay pregnant was shameful, back when we first started. Not being able to have a child made me flawed and damaged. After all, it’s what every woman could do. Except me.

Stamford Advocate

Finally Feeling Like a Mom

May 2014

I remember dreading when my son had play dates with parents I couldn't relate to.

Now that he's in middle school, I wish I just knew who his friends were. I hear the names -- Michael and Nazir, Sofianne and Alex -- but who they are and what goes on in school with them and my son is a dark hole I can't seem to fall into.

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