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Manuscript Editing

I’m currently writing a memoir about my son and it has been through – no joke, 85 revisions.  I don’t revise everything all at once.  I take days to go over the copy.  You may not have days.  That’s where I come in. We all hate to have our babies, our precious words, changed or deleted but sometimes, that’s what needs to happen.  I’m not talking about changing “replied” to “said,” but the guts of your piece has to make sense, and sound good.  What I bring to the game is an original, objective, unbiased view of your work and some suggestions you might want to make.

Here’s what a good document needs:

  • Concise

  • To the point

  • Fluent

  • No repetition

  • No clichés

  • Originality

Let me help you make your document – whether it’s a speech or an article or an essay or an expert paper – stand out amid all the noise.

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