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Healthcare Writing

This is one of my most favorite things to write about. Maybe it's because I'm a two-time cancer survivor, but health has always been my main concern.  The fact that I'm married to a dentist probably helps.  But helping people live life better has always been my goal.

US News and World Report

Pressuring Kids to Diet Can Backfire, Damaging Long-Term Health

October 8, 2019

Parents want the best for their children. Eat well. Get enough sleep. Exercise. But sometimes pressuring your teen to diet or lose weight may end up harming them, a new study suggests.

HealthDay News

Self-Silencing' Can Be Potentially Deadly for Women

Sept. 24, 2019

Do you rarely express anger at those close to you? Is it difficult for you to reveal negative feelings in your relationships?

New research suggests that might make you more vulnerable to having a stroke.

In a study of women aged 40 to 60, those who suffered from "self-silencing" had an increased risk of having plaque in their carotid arteries.

Repressing one's feelings when they might threaten relationships or one's security, and appearing outwardly agreeable "while inner feelings grow angry and resentful is what is meant by self-silencing," said Dana Jack, a professor of psychology at Western Washington University who has pioneered research on this theory.


HealthDay Reporter

Getting Hitched Might Lower Your Odds for Dementia

September 5, 2019

Marriage has been said to deflect depression, stave off stress, even help people live longer.

Now a new study says it may also decrease your chance of developing dementia.

Dementia is a general term for a decline in mental ability severe enough to interfere with daily life.

Married people have a far lower chance of being diagnosed with this dreaded disorder than those who are divorced or separated, widowed, or never married, according to the study. And marriage is more protective than cohabitation, the study revealed.

Divorced people have more than twice the odds for mental decline compared to married folks, the 14-year study found.

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